Hi! I’m Maayan Bergman,

A second generation Israeli DJ. My father, Yoram was the first Israeli DJ and owner of the legendary record store “Panic.”

I was born in Rechovot in the 80’s to a house where music was always blasting! My father and childhood hero always made sure I was up to date on the latest music styles and mixes.

From the moment I touched a record player as a child I knew that I would continue my fathers legacy and become a DJ. In 2004, I made that dream a reality and moved to NY to learn at DJ Scratch Academy. The experience changed my life and paved the path for me to move back to Israel to work with some of the top hip hop artists of the scene. I am proud to say that I won 3rd place in the DMC contest in Scratch.

My pure love for music from my father together with the professional knowledge I gained from my studies in NY brought me to feel comfortable with my musical talent to truly read the crowd- the most important element of any event. I feel honored and excited when I have the opportunity to take a musical journey with a couple before their wedding day to find the perfect personal fit for their special day.

I am proud that my hard work paid off and I earned the title of “The Chosen Couple” on the mit4mi4 website 5 years in a row from 2017-2021.

If a wedding or event has the potential to break free from mainstream vibes and become something special I will always find a way to make it musically unique. This is truly what I love about my job. I specialize in soul, funk, disco, hip hop, UK garage, drum and bass mixes. I work around the globe for all types of alternate events. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s get creative together.

You’re all welcome to my fun office in Florentine!




Kana my dog is so great she deserves her own tab here. Come meet her at the studio!